They say that the most memorable of stories happen when the human condition is at its most vulnerable. The past few weeks has been beset with such tales as people from all over the world jointly face uncertainty amidst a pandemic like no other. There has never been a collective experience such as this one that has tied each one together as humankind. As the stewards of this estate, managing the day to day operations, we have witnessed a multitude of these narratives in our community here at NUVALI.

A Story On Care

We have seen how residents, locators and workers of NUVALI have extended care to our estate frontliners who tirelessly make sure that operations and maintenance remain stable throughout the lockdown. NUVALI staff and frontliners are filled with gratitude for the essentials like food, masks, and disinfectants, that donors have given.

Nuvali residents work as a community for the frontliners

This generosity was extended to the frontliners at Qualimed Sta. Rosa here in Nuvali. An outpouring of support in the form of meals, additional PPEs and even handmade greeting cards have been shared to uplift the frontliners’ spirits.

Hand made cards were shared to uplift the spirits of Nuvali fronliners and COVID-19 patients

A Story On Concern

The community enjoys the relative order and safety of the estate because of the sacrifice of security, fire, groundskeeping, maintenance and housekeeping staff who have decided to stay in the premises. In return, NUVALI has reciprocated this concern by providing accommodation and provisions, so they may have comfort even as they are away from their families. The collective concern is what further strengthens the community.

The Nuvali frontliners

A Story On Compassion

NUVALI’s Estate and Property Managers are also considered as front liners as they have now expanded their role to serve the community in a more timely manner. It has been apparent to the team that the call to go the extra mile is more the norm than the exception. Hence, they have served as immediate customer support. This was very much evident when an elderly lady resident who had no transportation and was living by herself was assisted when she needed immediate help. The property manager personally drove her to the grocery so she may stock up on essentials for her home. A simple gesture perhaps, but going out of one’s self in service of another, has been inspiring.

NUVALI’s Estate and Property Managers are also considered as front liners
as they have now expanded their role to serve the community in a more timely manner.

A Story On Commitment

Cris Zuluaga, AVP of Ayala Land Estates and head of NUVALI, mentions that “what has also been noteworthy amidst the uncertainty is that the community and its stakeholders have come together to ensure that the estate got back to its rhythm”. This was possible because of the commitment to consistent safety and security practices that have always been in place to keep the community humming:

Nuvali frontliners perform periodic sanitation and disinfection in all access points
  • Proactive and preventive efforts to stop the spread of COVID via periodic sanitation and disinfection as well as stringent protocols in all access points.
  • Ongoing learning and education for service providers especially in relation to keeping safety and security.
  • Monitoring of response times for emergencies happening within the estate. The NUVALI Operation Center is still in operation 24/7 monitoring all activities inside the estate. Emergency Response Teams (ERT) are ready to respond in any eventuality.
  • Ensuring regular information dissemination to the community via estate bulletin and social media updates. Coordination with government agencies have been key to providing these timely and accurate data.
  • The Estate Management is also committed to support the efforts of Qualimed and AC Health in their partnership to convert the adjacent vacant property beside the hospital, into a Covid Triage Facility.

Striving for operational excellence in running a vast development is not easy. It is truly the everyday practices of the estate and its community that have been instrumental in keeping the commitment of making work and life thrive sustainably in NUVALI.

A Story On Community

“It has also been heartwarming to observe the community coming together to help each other. It is such a nurturing community”, Cris adds. In Treveia for instance, the residents have organized the Treveia Market Place where a Food Committee has been tasked to consolidate requests and do bulk ordering. This has provided them savings as well as the convenience of having their purchases delivered to their homes. This bayanihan has brought the residents closer as neighbors even as social distancing is now the new norm.

In addition to this, the value of community planning is manifested by providing the residents with direct access to several supermarkets and drugstores – Landmark, Robinsons, S&R, Mercury Drug and Watsons. Having this valuable option has eased them of the stress and hassle of going through checkpoints.

It has been over a decade since NUVALI was launched as a master planned mixed use Estate. In the coming decades, more NUVALI narratives will arise. It is the community’s hope that these stories will continue to inspire a collective coming together and that it will be instrumental in further defining a sustainable way of living.


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