They say that beautiful things, often times, come from challenging experiences. It is when problems arise that creativity springs anew. In this case, delicious baked creations of Colz Kitchen in Nuvali have emerged from the Covid-19 crisis.

A week into the lockdown, Colz Kitchen started baking bread for the community as she has seen the need of her neighbors for freshly baked goods to come at their doorstep during the lockdown. Colz Kitchen is the brainchild of Colz Maliglig, a doting mom of 3 and a loving wife to a commercial pilot. Living in a close-knit community of Avida, her quiet and content life in the south was idyllic. But the pandemic that swept throughout the globe shifted everyone’s life.


Colz was not much different as she grappled with her fears. As a parent who always put her family ahead of everything else, she was afraid to go out, fearful that she might catch the virus. She was cautious with her activities, deliberate about every single action to ensure the continued safety of her household. But once a routine has been set at home, she started to think about how she might be of service to her Nuvali community.

Before the lockdown, Colz has been baking cookies and cooking food orders. She already had a small following for her kitchen creations. The crisis compelled her to expand and look beyond her loyal patrons as she realized that her community could use easy access to freshly made breads. It was a gap that she happily filled.

She started with pandesal and ube pandesal then later transitioned to several variants like ensaymadas, cheese bread and donuts. Now she accepts made to order food that Nuvalizens can serve to their families during special occasions. Birthday Noodles, kimchi and anything else that you can think of, Colz would be glad to cook for you.

So Colz rallied her family, incorporating baking into their routine. Breads, cookies, ready to eat meals and other yummy creations were made available for the community to partake. Colz saw growth in her business, right in her Nuvali home where everything from her essential ingredients to business opportunities are available to her. Colz is also part of Nuvali’s NU Network. An online platform to support residents and business owners. The news of goodies baked fresh daily and lovingly served to her neighbors spread through the village marketplace and NU network Viber group.

Aerial View of Nuvali

The crisis has brought forth and continues to polish this gem of a home enterprise. Colz Kitchen is a testament that one’s commitment to serve with passion and excellence allows a person to thrive in the midst of uncertainty. Colz’ story is not one of survival but that of living wholeheartedly. She believes that she is at her best when she is assured that her foundations are in place and her values intact. Living in NUVALI and knowing that it is a safe environment for her family has allowed her creativity to flourish. The network of support from the NUVALI community has been instrumental as well to her personal and business growth.

The future may seem a little hazy but Colz firmly believes that if people work together as a family and as a neighborhood, great things can happen. This belief gives her the hope that baking and cooking is something worth pursuing for the community.