By Charles Aames M. Bautista on Oct 13, 2015 (Philippine

The south of the metro has always been known for its laidback environment and great quick escapes from the urban jungle. Since its first few developments, Nuvali has become one of the top destinations to visit for those midweek holidays or weekend road trips. In fact, Nuvali General Manager, John Estacio, shares that they have an estimated average of 55,000 foot traffic in NUVALI during weekends. shares with you an exclusive look at some of the top reasons to visit Nuvali:

Shopping Deals

Nuvali is home to great shops, trunk shows and bazaars, especially during the holidays. With the opening of Solenad 3, there are a whole lot more options for residents and passers by from sporting goods like Nike and Adidas to fashion items like 158 Designer.

Running and Biking Trails

Estacio shares that part of the thrust of the Nuvali development is environmental sustainability; hence, they have dedicated about 50-60% percent for open spaces and have tried to maintain as much natural waterways and landscapes as possible. Consequently, it comes to no surprise that a lot of marathons, fun-run’s, and duathlon’s have been held at Nuvali. They have a running and biking trail that goes around and through the developments, and smaller parks across the property for shorter runs.

Wake Boarding

As a favourite pastime of athletes, millennials, and hipsters, wake boarding has become a fun and gruelling activity that many young adventurers are looking to experience. Originally, wake boarding began with a person being pulled by a speedboat and execute stunts on the wake made by the speedboat. With the innovation of wake parks, a person holds on tight to a speeding cable mechanism that drags the person around and across a lake, which enables the rider to manoeuvre their boards to go against the pull and execute similar stunts. Nuvali is home to Republ1c Wakepark where wake boarding enthusiasts can ride their hearts out or bring friends and family to learn the basics, with actual coaching by professional wake boarders.


Nuvali is home to a diverse list of restaurants. Whether you are craving from some scrumptious ribs of Chubby Rib Shacks to something more wholesome and healthy from the House of Bawai, you can find it here. There are town centres across Nuvali to allow travellers and residents to explore the different parks and amenities of living in Nuvali.

Affordable Luxe Office Spaces

The trend with most companies is creating mobile, open and accessible offices. With the ASEAN Integration and booming tech start-up trend in the Philippines, office spaces are now very much in demand. Nuvali has a lot of office floor spaces available for lease, targeting mostly technology and business process outsourcing companies. To date, Convergys and IBM have already set up shop in Nuvali. Estacio shares that they are very much open to creating shared space or collaborative space environments, especially catering to small and medium enterprises and creative start ups.

Building a Home

Beyond just passing through, a lot of people have actually taken up residence in Nuvali. For the first time, Ayala Land brings together its four real estate brands, namely Ayala Land Premiere, Alveo, Avida and Amaia, which, according to Ayala Land AVP and Head of Corporate Brand Marketing, Catherine Bengzon, makes the whole project inclusive and diverse. Estacio says that they have tracked the migration statistics of those who have bought residential properties across Nuvali and found that an estimated 62% of residents actually come from Metro Manila who have decided to relocate due to the super typhoons that have hit the country in the past few years, a bulk of which were victims of Ondoy, who have sought a safer haven in Nuvali.

Fun Parties and Events

Though known for its serene and relaxed environment, Nuvali has been host to a lot of concerts and events in their various open grounds. Every month, there is always some sports event, fun run, environmental movement, concert or their notable night sky cinema to look forward to. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or you already live in Nuvali, there is something for everyone to enjoy and see.