Green Programs

A home towards a sustainable future.

Solar Power Energizes Nuvali

NUVALI undertook another energy-saving measure with the installation of solar panels at 3 of its guardhouses (locations going southbound: entrance from Sta. Rosa Tagaytay-Road, past Santierra, and past Terelay Rotunda).

Each solar panel system contains nine units of 9 kW solar panels and an increased battery capacity that can supply up to 270 Wp of energy for 12 hours per day even on cloudy days.

The benefits of the harnessed solar energy include supplying power for lighting fixtures and wall convenience outlets for battery radio charging.

Using the solar power system for each of the 3 guardhouses generates savings of 10,368 kW of electricity and reduces carbon dioxide emission by 5,682 kg.

Project: Green Home

Given today’s fear of global warming and the depletion of natural resources, there’s no question that more and more Filipinos have developed a renewed sense of concern and awareness for the environment in recent years. Given these issues, the practice of green building has made its presence left.

The practice of sustainable design and development is now more significant than ever. Green building is important since the growth and development of communities has a tremendous effect on our environment. In fact, the construction, design, and operation of buildings of which we live and work in affects how we consume our natural resources. Sustainable development techniques conserve natural resources by reducing the use of virgin raw materials and reducing the amount of toxic resins and volatile organic compounds produced by traditional building materials. Sustainable development is important for a healthy future for the planet and its inhabitants.

In lieu with this, NUVALI, the largest self-sustainable community in the country developed by Ayala Land, partnered with Philippine Realty TV, the country’s first real estate TV show, unveiled Project: Green Home

Tree Planting