Move In To Nuvali And Start Your New Life Today.

A range of living options for every NUVALI resident provides the freedom to enjoy the outside from the inside, and the inside from the outside; whether it’s a stroll in the park, a short walk to work, or, for that matter, working from home.

Envisions as a place for everyone, NUVALI’s Phase 1 will have a range of residential housing forming the initial community. Cultivating integrated communities and people-friendly infrastructure in neighborhoods that afford both privacy and the opportunity for social interaction, families of varied lifestyles, ages and preferences, can establish their roots, build a heritage and be a part of bigger community.

In NUVALI, we’ve designed the community to provide a heightened sense of well-being – spaces for interaction, tree-lined pedestrian friendly sidewalks, integrated bike lanes, proximity to work, recreation and retail areas – encouraging flexibility, diversity, vibrancy and a healthier life.


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