Designed As An Educational Center For 21st-Century Learning

Hemmed with gardens and walkways, Xavier School gives students the feeling of studying outdoors and enjoying amazing school life that’s truly NUVALI.

Wonderfully fusing elements of nature and education, Xavier promises students a distinct learning journey that can only be experienced through the school’s unique tutelage. With Nuvali’s lush and verdant surroundings, the learning process is taking to an entirely different level with less the stress and without compromising the instructive and scholastic requirements.

Xavier School Nuvali

In June 2012, Xavier School NUVALI opened its doors to students in Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. The new school offers the same K-12 college preparatory curriculum including the core Chinese language program and Jesuit formation that are the hallmarks of a Xavier education.

Xavier School NUVALI is co-educational but will follow the co-divisional model. Boys and girls will be educated separately in selected classes, while providing ample opportunities for interaction. With its expert tutelage, Xavier School in Nuvali promises to address the different formative needs as well as the various learning paces of each student providing for a maximum educational experience.

The new campus sits on a 15-hectare property in NUVALI. In its first phase, the main grade school building and part of the Grade School gymnasium will be built. In its ultimate development, the campus will have buildings for Primary, Middle, and High School, and will include a separate library building, auditorium, administration building, and provisions for residences and dormitories. The plan also calls for two gymnasiums with different sports facilities, swimming pool, and two football fields.

The school is designed as an educational center for 21st-century learning. It will be a digital school, equipped with the proper IT infrastructure to bring a whole world of resources into the classroom. It will also enable the school to promote 1-to-1 computer-based instruction that will develop self-directed learners.

Much like anything in Nuvali, the master plan and school facilities were designed on the principle of sustainability and earth preservation. In this regard, the materials utilized in the building construction all use eco-friendly materials and fixtures. Similarly, energy-efficient lighting is used and the campus has an on-site rainwater collection and recycling system. As Xavier aims to further augment the instructive experience with modern and innovative advancements, each learning space therein is designed to developed contemporary skills in the 21st century. With this in mind, learning centers, classrooms as well as activity areas are all fully equipped with the proper IT infrastructure which gives students a whole range of resources at their disposal.

A primary mandate of the school is to offer financial assistance to a target 25% of the school population, making the Xavier education accessible to a greater number of students with diverse backgrounds, ultimately promoting a greater sense of solidarity and understanding. While Xavier School aims to provide a multifaceted view on education through its diverse background, the benefits are far from one-sided. In fact, it has been shown that the presence of scholars is expected to have a transformative influence on the culture of the school as a whole and thereby promoting a greater sense of genuine unity.

A special feature of the campus is its green environment; in the north, it is bordered by a deep-ravine river, and along its western perimeter lies part of the 17-km buffer zone labeled as the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. The school was designed with sustainability in mind and features environment-friendly fixtures and systems.

For more information, please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) or email xsNUVALI@xs.edu.ph

For enrollment and scholarship information, contact the registrar at 723-0481 loc 385 or email: ditasrdairo@xs.edu.ph