Little Known Facts About Trees

Nuvali commits to ensuring the welfare of the natural environment through preservation and enhancement of the existing ecosystems within and near the estate. Hence, the introduction of Nuvali Tree Planting Program.

Ayala Land, through Nuvali, understands that trees play a critical role in maintaining environmental balance by:

  • producing oxygen and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere,
  • retaining and cleaning water underneath the soil,
  • preventing wind and soil erosion, and
  • providing a habitat and food for wildlife.

Nuvali’s mid-term objective is to plant 100,000 trees along the buffer areas and the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary.

NUVALI shall identify and define the specific tree planting area depending on the committed number of trees to be planted by Volunteer. Generally, tree pits should have a five (5) meter gap to accommodate the expected growth of the tree. NUVALI shall provide a site map showing the planting area.

The following are the tree planting guidelines:

Preparing The Tree Pit.

Excavation of tree pits is traditionally part of the actual tree planting activity. Tree pits should be large and deep enough to allow ample space for the roots of the tree saplings. Extreme care shall be taken not to excavate to a depth greater than required.

Clearing The Tree Pit.

All materials from the tree pit should be removed for the full length and width of the tree pit to the depth of the tree’s root ball to ensure there are no hindrances to root growth. The subgrade below the root ball shall be tamped slightly to prevent settlement.

Preparing The Sapling.

No tree trunks shall be wrapped. Remove all nursery tags and protective wrapping.

Settling The Sapling.

To place the balled sapling in the prepared planting pit, lift and carry it by the root ball to protect the ball from loosening and root trauma. Settle the balled sapling as straight as possible and into the center of the pit. Once settled, the top of the root ball should be at the same level as the ground. Soil may be added or removed to ensure it is properly leveled off, and the depth of the planting site adjusted accordingly. Care shall be exercised in setting the trees plumb.

Filling The Tree Pit.

All ropes, stones, and any other items which may hinder growth shall be removed from the pit before backfilling. Ensure that the backfilling mixture is loose and friable to allow space for growth.

Final Touches.

Since the saplings are quite fragile at this time, the sapling should be fastened to the stake. This will ensure trees shall stand plumb after planting.