The Evozone Rain Garden Is The Newest Destination In Nuvali Where One Can Freely Enjoy The Beauty It Has To Offer

The Evozone Rain Garden is the newest destination in NUVALI where one can freely enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

Comprising 3.2 hectares of vast land at the heart of NUVALI, the Evozone Rain Garden serves as a rainwater catchment basin and is also designed to accommodate visitors and nature lovers who are looking for an escape from the urban life. Evoking an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, an artificial marsh surrounded with lush greenery and beautiful flora adds to the Evozone Rain Garden’s peaceful feel. Wide open spaces and biking trails offer a serene sanctuary to individuals, as well as a space to enjoy quality time with family or friends. Free and accessible to the public, the Evozone Rain Garden also provides the perfect venue for yoga enthusiasts, group workouts, or simply reading a book by the park benches.

South of the Rain Garden is a foot bridge that offers an appealing and scenic vantage point to enjoy Lakeside Evozone’s natural sights. The Evozone Rain Garden will also have a View Deck where visitors can enjoy the sights and refreshing breeze, strengthening NUVALI’s commitment to provide an eco-friendly haven for everyone.