Where To Go In Laguna: Nuvali And Other Top Laguna Tourist Spots And Destinations

A charming town and the known home of a revered national hero

Popularly known as the birthplace of Philippines’ National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Laguna has quite a lot to offer in terms of subtle charm and adventure. Located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon with its capital being Santa Cruz, Laguna encompasses 681 barangays and 24 municipalities. It is also known to hug the southern shores of Laguna de Bay which is designated as the biggest lake in the Philippines. Lying just southeast of the Philippine’s major city, Metro Manila, this cosmopolitan city plays home and refuge to more than three million Filipinos.

An eclectic blend of old and new elements

One recent noteworthy residential trend that most locals and foreigners alike are gravitating to is flocking towards cities with an excellent balance of the old and the new which is incidentally an epitome of Laguna City living attributing to its population density. Furthermore, apart from being hailed as the known hometown of the Philippines’ national hero, Laguna is also known to be the seventh richest province in the entire Philippines. As the province is known to wonderfully execute a balance between classic and contemporary elements, tourists and locals would not have a hard time for things to do or where to go in Laguna.

An excellent place for a weekend getaway

The Philippines is home to more than seven thousand islands with numerous provinces. In this regard, one can be assured of the various places one can visit and the myriad of activities one can do making for a placed itinerary. If you are looking for a simple and quick weekend getaway near Manila or a spontaneous short sojourn, one of the ideal and perfect destinations you should consider is Laguna–this is especially true if you are coming from the metropolis. The province is approximately three hours away from the city–give or take and it is consequently one of the first provinces you will reach should you take the South Luzon Expressway.

Worried about where to go in Laguna? You do not have to as there are so many Laguna tourist spots. Additionally, the province hosts a wide array of tourist attractions in Laguna that run the gamut from nature sightseeing to adventure activities. Moreover, Laguna has quite a wide range of tourist attractions that the province would have your spontaneous weekend itinerary covered. Indeed, a weekend getaway near Manila would already have you covered with the wide range of Laguna tourist spots and activities to do. Wondering where to go in Laguna? Take a gander at what is written below for some excellent suggestions.

Nuvali – something for each and every lifestyle

Knowing where to go in Laguna should not prove to be much of a problem–most especially since Nuvali is there to welcome you. In fact, it has been slated as the premier out-of-town destination as well as the best weekend getaway near Manila. Nuvali has something for everything and for every lifestyle which makes it the perfect stop and addition to any weekend itinerary in Laguna. It does not matter whether you are a relaxed traveler just looking to breeze through town, a foodie on the quest for the latest epicurean delights or an adrenaline junkie who is chasing the next adventure–there will always be something for everyone. With its official tagline being where people and nature thrive, one can expect only great things from Nuvali.

A place teeming with history

Cloaked in rich history, Nuvali was once known to be part of the Friar Lands back in the 1800s and was then subsequently developed into a sugar plantation at the turn of the century. Instilled with a three-fold vision designated as harmony, diversity, and sustainability, Nuvali promises to push past the boundaries and unlock the potential for both the incipient and emergent communities in the rapidly growing Southern Luzon. It is a promising gathering for residential communities, business spaces, lifestyle centers, recreational venues as well as other living essentials. In this regard, one can expect to open up a myriad of possibilities in Nuvali. On its own, it can even be considered as somewhat of a Laguna tourist spot considering that many southbound tourists would make it a point to include it as a stop.

A range of activities to enjoy

Nuvali is known to play host to a range of activities. Among other things that you can do and enjoy at Nuvali are bird watching at the Bird Sanctuary. Individuals with an affinity for adrenaline-pushing activities would enjoy biking at the biking trails and playing sports at the Fields. Incidentally, those who love to get wet would enjoy wakeboarding at Republic Wakepark while health buffs and fitness aficionados would enjoy simply walking or jogging along Nuvali’s tree-lined streets. For individuals who are seeking to engage in retail therapy, Solenad I and Solenad II provide more than just a wide array of restaurants and retail shops, shoppers and visitors are also treated to a relaxing view of the lakeside environment. If you wish to stay the night, Nuvali comes fully equipped with a hotel within its community, the Seda hotel. In this regard, travelers are excellently provided for in terms of a relaxing and convenient place to stay in should they wish to explore more Laguna tourist spots or while getting to enjoy Nuvali and all the other places they intend to visit in Laguna.

Lake Caliraya – Laguna’s pride and heritage

Known to be the gem of which Laguna heavily takes pride on, none can compare to the crystal clear waters of Lake Caliraya. Situated in the municipalities of Lumban, Cavinti, and Kalayaan in the Laguna province, Lake Caliraya is creatively fashioned out of the brilliance of man and was created in the year 1939. Today, the lake is known for being a Laguna tourist spot as well as a popular spot for water sports and outdoor recreation including fishing which makes it for an excellent addition of the places where you should go to in Laguna. As the lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery complemented with excellent and favorable weather, it is now surrounded by a number of resorts and vacation homes catering to tourists and locals alike.

Breathtaking view that allows you to marvel the ingenuity of man and nature

The picturesque view and subtle charisma of Lake Caliraya would be enough to entice tourists and locals alike to pay a visit. In fact, it now plays host to quite a sheer number of enthralling resorts that would practically invite one to stay. Today, Caliraya Lake has resplendent views and is replete with vacation homes that surround this picturesque gem of which the Laguna province and the Filipinos can take pride on. Furthermore, the extremely moderate climate makes for an inviting weekend stop for tourists and locals passing by Laguna or heading southbound. If you are considering a quick weekend getaway that is just near Manila, this might be the perfect place.

A rich and colorful history

Developed way back in the late 1930s, Lake Caliraya was created to generate hydroelectric power and was then known as the Caliraya Dam. Today, the area has evolved to become a new home to a range of resorts, vacation homes as well as two communities developed as ecological destinations. As Lake Caliraya is built smack right in the middle of Sierra Madre mountain, it consequently enjoys the cool mountain breeze. In this regard, the lake is perfect for outdoor sports that range from camping to trekking as well as an array of water activities that include boating, waterskiing, windsurfing and jet skiing. Indeed, Lake Caliraya should form part of the places of where you should go in Laguna.

A natural heritage – Pagsanjan Falls

Apart from being the known birthplace of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Laguna is one of the revered tourist destinations because of the beautiful and refreshing natural wonder that is Pagsanjan Falls. While most tourists would confuse the falls to be located in the Pagsanjan municipality, its location is actually in Cavinti which is an adjacent town to Pagsanjan.

A worthy addition to your list of places where to go in Laguna

Today, the place is known to be a unique meeting point for small boats which tourists would enjoy riding. Locally designated as the banca, these little boats would bring them to the falls. Apart from the boat ride, the rental fee for one banca would already encompass all entrance fees and the use of life vests.

One of the famous waterfalls in the Philippines

While there are quite a lot of waterfalls the Philippines can take pride on, Pagsanjan remains to be one of the most popular ones that come to mind when one would think of a weekend escape. Also known as Cavinti falls with an indigenous name Magdapio Falls, Pagsanjan is one of the major tourist attractions in the province of Laguna. This three-drop waterfall can be reached by a river trip on a dugout canoe which is known locally as “Shooting the rapids” which originates from the municipality of Pagsanjan. Alternatively, the falls can also be reached from the top by a short hike from Cavinti. Since then, the boat ride has always been a popular attraction since the Spanish Colonial era with the earliest record of it known to be in 1894.

A natural legend

As with any popular natural tourist spot, the falls of Pagsanjan is not proof to Philippine folklore and legends. According to history, this piece of bountiful nature is deeply entrenched with history and rich in legendary lore. According to the accounts of one legend, it has been said that there were no falls. Rather, there were only foliage and highlands, the twin rivers Bumbungan and Balanac as well as the alluvial delta where the town of Pagsanjan now nestles. On the eastern bank of the Bumbungan River, however, lived two brothers named Balubad and Magdapio. For many years, both brothers enjoyed a full and rustic life. Nothing was amiss and their days were filled with peace and happiness. However, one day, calamity struck where a terrible drought threatened to bring ruin and death. It was then that no rains came from successive months and the soil became increasingly dry. As a result, flowers and food plants withered and died while the animals disappeared. All of the bodies of water dried up and not a single drop ever fell from heaven.

Consequently, both brothers suffered greatly. They persistently prayed for rain but to no avail. Balubad, the older and weaker of the two, died of thirst. HIs brother Magdapio, stricken with grief and terrible sorrow, buried him on the slope of the mountain overlooking the river delta. It was then that this mountain is called Balubad. To assuage his despondence and left in a waterless world, Magdapio trekked to the upper region of the arid riverbed hoping to come across water. Unfortunately and much to his disappointment, there was none. In anger and despair, he hurled his big cane among the rocks where suddenly, a spring bubbled on the spot where his cane fell. It then rapidly grew bigger and the fresh waters roared down the canyon walls. Soon, it formed as a waterfall. Amazed by his fortune, the younger brother Magdapio fell to his knees and thanked the gods. He then drank the cool water until he felt energized. It was then that the falls became the popular tourist destination that it is today. Consequently, it was then that it was marked as one of the best places where to go in Laguna.

Other hidden gems to visit

Of course, those are just a few of the famous places you can visit in Laguna. Surely, there are other notable tourist destinations worth the visit if you are still wondering where to go in Laguna. As there are innumerable accommodation options such as the Seda Hotel Nuvali, you are ensured of a convenient and relaxing stay. Maximize your trip by booking ahead and staying in these hotel accommodations to make it easy for you to get around and enjoy your weekend sojourn a whole lot more. Go ahead and visit Nuvali in Laguna.

It is nestled just among the boundaries of Greenfield City, Mamplasan, St. Rosa, Silangan and Calamba. Make Laguna your quick weekend getaway near Manila and visit Nuvali while you are there. With a myriad of Laguna tourist spots up its sleeve, it will surely never disappoint visitors.