As part of the Ayala Group of Companies’ commitment to nation building especially during these times of crisis, the group has put together its resources and capabilities to bring forth a unique collaboration to battle the burden brought about by COVID-19. Led by AC Health, in partnership with Qualimed, the goal is to convert the current Qualimed Sta. Rosa in Ayala Land’s master planned community in NUVALI, into aCOVID-19 Referral Hospital.

Qualimed Sta. Rosa (Photo from AC Health)

Amidst the health crisis that has burdened the country’s healthcare system, this project aims to provide a facility where COVID-19 patients may have access to quality care that is compliant with infection control standards at the moment they need it. Its adherence to such standards ensures the safety of both patients and medical professionals. Moreover, it is also intended to expand screening and testing more broadly to contribute to public health control efforts. At present, Qualimed Sta. Rosa is already open to receiving COVID-19 referrals, and facility upgrades will be further rolled out starting May 1, 2020 and will include the following:

Turnover of Triage Holding Area Beside Qualimed Sta. Rosa (Photo from AC Health)
  • Building of a COVID-19 Triage Holding Area beside the hospital. This is a location where patients can be screened appropriately, without having to enter the hospital. It will also have beds available for patients that need to be isolated. Keeping in mind infection control protocols, it will have dedicated areas for medical professionals that would include work areas, changing rooms, and showers.
  • Development of a Biosafety Level 2 Lab capable of COVID-19 testing to help manage local transmission. Qualimed Sta. Rosa will build a fully-equipped lab capable of running FDA-approved testing kits to diagnose suspected patients.
  • Conversion of in-patient beds for exclusive use of COVID-19 patients. By focusing on COVID patients, operations can be streamlined, prioritizing infection control and appropriate management of patients. Medical staff will be fully-equipped with PPEs and will work in modified team schedules to ensure their safety.
  • Expansion of ICU Beds to to ensure capabilities to house critical cases of COVID-19 that will need intensive care. All ICU units will have mechanical ventilators for patients who need respiratory support. The ICU will be staffed by doctors and nurses who are trained in the management of critical COVID cases.
  • Formation of a dedicated team of top-notch medical professionals, including volunteer clinical staff from the broader Qualimed, FamilyDOC and Healthway networks.

NUVALI, in line with its role of providing an evolving, master planned development for its community, has fully supported this collaboration. By providing approximately 6000 square meters of land for the COVID-19 Triage Holding Area, offering other support services for the project and ensuring that NUVALI staff are constantly vigilant, it remains steadfast in its commitment to build resilience into its community.

Having a resilient and sustainable community is more important than ever. With the limited mobility mandated by the lockdown, we have witnessed how a community like NUVALI where essentials are within reach has been truly beneficial to residents, workers and locators. It is during these critical states that a master planned development shines through.

This one-of-kind collaboration was made possible through contributions from various Ayala Group companies, including Ayala Corporation, Ayala Foundation, Ayala Land, BPI Foundation, AC Energy, Manila Water, Globe, IMI, and AC Motors. It is also driven by the group’s close coordination with local governments to remain committed to serving its multiple stakeholders and community members. Through this project, the entire Ayala Group is one with the nation in its battle against COVID-19.